Achievers at Rio Olympics 2016

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Michael phelps, Country: USA, sports: Swimming, Age: 31

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You don’t go to the Olympics for fun, But you are not Michael Phelps. Nobody is.

“I just want to the have fun,” Phelps had told a reporter shortly before the London Olympics. He could have said that. There was nothing left for him to achieve. He had won eight gold medals in Beijing in 2018.

That made another American Swimming legend Mark Spitz, Whose seven gold in the Munich Games of 1972 had seemed unbeatable for decades, remark: “He is the greater racers that the earth.”

The legends of Phelps grew further in London, as he picked up four more gold and two silvers. His Olympic collection is 22 medals, 18 of them gold. That double the number of gold Indian has won till date.

He had announced his retirement after the London Games. But, he is back in Rio. To have more fun, obviously. He had fun by winning 5 gold medals and 1 silver medal.

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Country: Jamaica, Sports: Athletics, Age: 29

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She often changes the color of her hair. On some days, it could be green. Pink on another day.

But what usually doesn’t changes is the color of the medals. It remains golden, most of the time. Shelly-Ann

Fraser-Pryce is the greatest sprinter of her generation. There are many who think she greatest of all time. Among is a certain Michael Johnson, who has four Olympic gold medals in the sprint.

Fraser-Pryce has two. She is, in fact, one of the three women to have won the 100 m gold twice. At Rio, she won medals – one silver and one gold.

The “Pocket Rocket”, who has seven World Championships gold, is certainly one of the biggest stars of this Olympics. She had a tough, deprived childhood before becoming the World’s sprint Queen.

Come to think of it, Jamaica is home to the undisputed king of a sprint, too – Usain Bolt.

Lin Dan, Country: China, Sports: Badminton, Age: 32

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Olympic Channel

Lin Dan’s parents wanted him to be a pianist. How the male badminton players of his generation around the world wish he had listened to his parents. But, sports fans across the world are happy that she choose racquet over a piano.

‘Super Dan’ is considered the greatest badminton player of all time as she won everything on a badminton court. He is the only player to win the Super Grand Slam.

Dan, a rock star in China, won a bronze at Rio 2016.

Kevin Durant, Country: USA, Sport: Basketball, Age: 27

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Sporting News

Kevin Durant is an American professional basketball player for the Golden state of the National Basket Associate (NBA).

He is the highest paid athlete in Rio. It is just in wealth that Kevin Durant will stand among the tallest at this Olympics. The 6 ft 9 tall American is also one of the most gifted.

He played a key role in helping the USA win the basketball gold in London. He was the top-scores, with 30 points, in a surprisingly close final against Spain. He scored 156 points in all from either game.

The world has discovered Durant’s remarkable shooting skills long before the Olympics, thanks to the global reach of the NBA. Playing for Oklahoma City Thunder, he has been NBA’s most valuable players and the leading scores in four seasons.

Kohei Uchimura, Country: Japan, Sports: Gymnastics, Age: 27

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The Indian Express

“He is a machine,” said American gymnast Jonathan Horton of his rival Kohei Uchimura. Not Quite true.

Horton had meant, in a positive sense, that Uchimura might win all-around gold medals with machine-like regularity. The Japanese genius is all grace.

Few male gymnasts in history have been as elegant as Uchimura. Fewer have been as successful: he has won six all-around titles at World Championships, in addition to the Olympics all-around gold in London 2012. He won 2 gold medals in Rio 2016.

He has already been called by many as the greater gymnast in history. Though Nadia Comaneci, The miss He has already been called by many as the greater gymnast in history. Though Nadia Comaneci, the Miss Perfect from Romania, is not so sure, she admires his perfection. “If you see Uchimura in slow motion, everything is perfect,” she says.


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