Happy Meals For Children

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Unlike in the times when we grew up, there is a plethora of information available on health and food. However, the task of sifting through all this information is both confusing and daunting. As far as many theories and beliefs around food are concerned, how does one know what to pay attention to and what to ignore?
The wellness market is booming and new product, supplements, and gadgets are abound. Food tops this list of provisions. The role of good food pertains not only to healthy growth and development but also to mental wellness. Every food item in the stores today are flooded with foods labeled ‘healthy’. But it is important to differentiate the good foods from the so-called ‘healthy ones’.
Here are some guidelines that ensure children eat healthily yet happily!
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Did you know that of ‘diet chips’ contains more added sugar and salt to it to make it as tasty as the fried version? consuming such large doses of salt and sugar can be just as harmful as extra oil or fat in the diet. Glib marketing strategies make it essential for us to read and understand food labels. As a rule, any food that has been processed and packed will have less nutritional worth than the food in its fresh form. it is impossible and also impractical to forbid children from eating these packaged foods. However, setting limits to how much of it the child can eat every week, is quite doable.
Good nutrition is not simply about the food that is one the child’s plate it is equally important to make the environment at home conducive for healthy eating. Stocking healthy foods at home minimizes the temptation to eat the not-so-healthy stuff. Maintaining food hygiene adequate washing, storing, cooking, procedures are as important. For instance, a particular food has great nutritional worth but its improper storage and subsequent consumption could lead to infections and thus, negate its worth completely.
In addition to what the children are eating, it is also necessary to pay attention to the beverages that they are consuming. it is best for them to avoid large quantities of sugary drinks. Contrary to what one usually believes, most packed juices have very little nutritional worth. Many of the fruit drinks have no fruit in them, except for some minuscule amounts of fruit juice concentrate! Moreover, consuming such drinks before meal-times can ruin the appetite for a healthy meal. Children today are often plagued with headaches and one of the causes for that is not drinking enough water!


Make it a point to offer meals snacks and drinks only at the dining table. This way, the concept of meals-times gets established for the child. Allowing children to watch TV While eating is more detrimental than it seems. it can lead to overeating and impaired digestion. Eating at the dining table not only helps one maintain good posture While eating but has also been seen to prevent many emotional and psychological issues, such as that of drug abuse, later on, in life, Conversations at the table should be pleasant and one should avoid discussing the child’s food-related problems at this time.


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